Erection Enhancement Lubes for Performance

A lot of couples resort to using special lubes for sexual intercourse because a lack of natural vaginal wetness can cause sex to be discomforting for both the man and woman. This problem of dryness is quite common, and so the solution is to use a lube to help with glide. The various lubes or oils that can be purchased will either be oil based or water based. Some are alcohol based or contain alcohol which should be avoided because people with sensitive skin might develop an itch or rash from using these alcohol containing products.

Some lubes are not compatible with condoms either so care should be taken when using these with condoms as it could cause the spermicide on the condom lining to become ineffective or might even interfere with the surface of the condom making it more susceptible to tear.

For the best products couples will require non-hazardous compliant products that are non-irritable to sensitive skin, and is condom compatible, and even better is edible and safe for ingestion so can be used for oral coitus in addition to aiding lubrication and glide.

A simple or general lube can be bought at any sex store for a few dollars. If however you wish to step up your performance with some ultra high quality products then the combination of a lube incorporated into an erection enhancement cream or oil is the ideal product.

These so-called erection enhancement creams or oils are topical alternatives to the traditional orally ingested pills men take to help them elevate their coital performance. These creams, gels or oils, contain extracts of the same awe-inspiring powerhouse herbs used to help men achieve solid pulsating erections. The difference is that where these ingredients have to be ingested first before becoming effective if taken orally, the use of a cream or oil is supposed to bypass the ingestion process because the effective constituents of the herbs are delivered into the bloodstream without having to be digested through the stomach and intestines.

The process that occurs is termed a transdermal delivery, which is a jargon for absorption through the skin. The same transdermal process is prevalent in various other uses ranging from patches to ointments.

If you want to purchase the upgraded lube that contains these powerhouse herbs that can help deliver the solid state you desire, you will need to dish out a few dollars more than your bog-standard ordinary lubricant.

These products prove to be popular options for couples, as it can help the man achieve and maintain his penile magnificence for the increased pleasure and performance for both him and her.

In some ways the creams and gels are a better alternative to pills or supplements because the cream or gel can be applied and used as and when needed, as opposed to pills or supplements where best effects are gained by taking them daily regularly for several weeks at a time. The cream however, can just be used when the need arises, and in addition, the transdermal delivery guarantees faster and more intense working.

You might be asking yourself if the high price tag is worth paying for these extra special lubes. There are literally hundreds of different ordinary lubes to buy, but only a handful of special erection enhancement creams, oils, and gels which also double as a lube. As these products contain extracts of highly effective herbs and botanical extracts, the same types of herbs used in male enhancement supplements, pushes up the cost of the product hence the price tag.

In addition to being usuable as a lube, and an erection enhancer, these products have been specially formulated for the occasion. The best ones will also be condom compatible, and edible for oral use. They even have taken the effort to include ingredients to help care for your penis, for example added vitamin E, and Aloe Vera complex to help soothe the skin and nourish it. For an all-round male enhancement product that works fast and quick-to-the-punch, you can’t go wrong with a good quality erection enhancement gel.